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Cooperation with ARS-Produktion Records

The exquisite classic label ARS Produktion was founded in 1987 by Annette Schumacher with the goal of providing a home for both emerging artists and interesting programming, as well as to develop a market niche through marketing and international distribution.


After a long and successful career as a concert flautist, Annette Schumacher fulfilleda life-long dream in creating this classical music label.


Manfred Schumacher, sound engineer and production manager, has overseen the the production of countless CD recordings, maintaining the highest quality standards.


A particular goal of ARS Produktion is to consistently and specifically adapt the recording sound to the works, musical eras and intruments recorded, whilst applying the newest and most superior technology available.


Annette and Manfred Schumacher are committed to creating a convincing product. Two individualists who cleverly work to combine ability, accomplishment and art: ´The SACD - Super Audio CD - combines the precision of digital reproduciton with the warmth of analog sound. That convinced us!´